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Tourism Burlington and Burlington Economic Development have been working closely over the last year to align on several key business areas including strategic planning, service delivery, and joint marketing and communications. In September 2023, both organizations signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) which set out a framework to discuss these opportunities.

With the ongoing support and feedback from City leadership and Council, both organizations have mutually agreed to merge under the governance of a single Board of Directors, and a motion was brought forward at the March 4, 2024 Committee of the Whole meeting (agenda found here).

First and foremost, this decision speaks to the strong commitment on both sides to ensure Burlington is positioned for sustainable economic growth and promoting tourism in our city.

Enhanced Collaboration

By joining forces, we will foster closer collaboration between economic development and tourism initiatives, leading to more robust strategies and effective outcomes. Together, we will be able to take a more holistic approach to destination development, addressing both economic growth and tourism promotion in a coordinated manner. 

Unified Branding

With Burlington EcDev and Tourism Burlington together, we will be able to develop a stronger and more cohesive brand identity for Burlington. Our team will continue to co-lead the One Brand project with the City of Burlington to develop a unified identity that speaks to residents, visitors, and businesses alike. Work has already begun on a destination stewardship plan that will outline key destination development opportunities moving forward. 

Streamlined Processes

Consolidating administrative functions and streamlining processes will result in cost savings and operational efficiencies for both agencies. 

Strategic Alignment

Aligning economic development and tourism strategies ensures that we work towards common goals, such as job creation, infrastructure development, and placemaking initiatives while avoiding duplications of effort and redundancies. 

Enhanced Visitor Experience

By integrating economic development and tourism initiatives, we will be able to offer a more compelling experience for visitors and build on the customer experience by driving repeat visits, enhancing our image through referrals and word-of-mouth, and potentially generating new investment leads. 

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Claire Green

Strategic Lead – Economic Development and Destination Marketing

Burlington Economic Development and Tourism Burlington are pleased to announce Claire Green as the new Strategic Lead – Economic Development and Destination Marketing. In this new role, Claire will lead the joint marketing and communications team in executing the marketing and communications objectives of the organization, as well as overseeing the development of a new destination brand that strategically positions Burlington to attract tourism and investment.  

Claire joined Burlington Economic Development in 2013 and has led on a number of strategic projects including the design and launch of TechPlace in 2017 and is co-leading the Burlington One Brand project.  

What’s Claire doing on the weekend? You can find Claire with her two young boys and husband enjoying their backyard or exploring RBG’s natural playground or Cherry Hill Gate, always with a coffee in hand. 

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Natasha Piroutz

Manager, Destination Development

We were very excited to welcome Natasha to the team in March. As our Manager, Destination Development, Natasha will work collaboratively with our tourism partners and stakeholders to enhance Burlington’s tourism landscape, develop new opportunities, and support economic growth for our main street businesses. 

Natasha was formerly the Manager of Strategic Communications, Engagement, and Advocacy at the Burlington Chamber of Commerce, where she was responsible for communications, events and government relations. She also brings a robust background in strategic planning and stakeholder management.  

What’s Tash doing on the weekend? Tash is spending her weekend reading, running, hiking with her Bengal kitten Atlas (yes, he’s a cat that hikes) and spending time with friends and family! 

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Barkat Mahal

Digital Marketing Specialist

Moving into a new role is Barkat Mahal. As our Digital Marketing Specialist, Barkat will lead our digital channels with expertise and creativity, igniting brand engagement and driving growth. She’s the mastermind behind all things digital: from social media and e-news to website management and content creation.  

Barkat joined Burlington Economic Development in 2022 as an Economic Development Officer – Marketing and Communications. We are thrilled to welcome her into this new role where she can continue to shine and build on her strengths in digital and content creation. 

What’s Barkat doing on the weekend? You’ll find Barkat grabbing a matcha latte on her way to the thrift shops. 

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Aashna Gupta

Marketing Analyst

Also moving into a new role is Aashna Gupta. As our marketing analyst, Aashna will leverage her in-depth knowledge of SEO, SEM, paid search, marketing automation and analytics to harness and deliver insights to optimize campaigns, elevate user experiences, and drive measurable ROI across our channels. 

Aashna joined Burlington Economic Development in January 2024 as a Marketing Intern from Brock University. Now that she has completed her Master of Business Administration (MBA), we are thrilled to have her move into this new role. 

What’s Aashna doing on the weekend? You’ll spot Aashna at a concert or a stand-up comedy show. 

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Shane Ropp

Brand Communications Specialist

With a keen eye for visual storytelling and a strong knack for crafting engaging content, Shane will spearhead the development and execution of visual communication strategies across all our platforms, and in ensuring cohesive messaging and effective brand representation.  

Prior to joining Burlington Economic Development, Shane worked as the Marketing Manager at Haltech Regional Innovation Centre, and as a freelance designer for several local technology start-ups. 

What’s Shane doing on the weekend? You’ll find Shane tinkering with the latest smart home tech, experimenting with photography, or enjoying time at the cottage. 

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Ana Claudia Nobrega

CX Marketing Coordinator

Also moving into a new role is Ana Claudia Nobrega. As our CX Marketing Coordinator, Ana will be out in the community, connecting with our main street businesses and acting as a liaison between our business development team, marketing team, and strategic partners to ensure alignment and support at all levels.  

Ana joined Burlington Economic Development in 2022 as our Digital Services Squad Team Member. In that role, she worked directly with more than 60 businesses on developing their digital channels. This new role will allow Ana to build on those relationships and create greater impact in the community.  

What’s Ana doing on the weekend? Ana is at the soccer field with her two young boys cheering them on from the sidelines! 

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