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March 19, 2024

Tourism Burlington To Merge With Burlington Economic Development By End Of The Year To Support The Growth Of Burlington’s Tourism Economy 

March 19, 2024 | BURLINGTON, ON  

This morning, Burlington City Council voted unanimously to pass a motion that will see Tourism Burlington merge into Burlington Economic Development by the end of the year.  

In September 2023, both organizations signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) which set out a framework to discuss opportunities to align on several key business areas including strategic planning, service delivery, and joint marketing and communications. As independently incorporated boards, the City of Burlington does not have the authority to dissolve either organization.  A merger must be led by and mutually agreed upon by the Boards of both organizations. The motion passed at Council serves to endorse the decision to merge as well as provide support on accelerating the work to create a joint strategy that supports the growth of Burlington’s tourism economy.  

“The decision to merge Tourism Burlington into Burlington Economic Development marks a pivotal moment for Burlington as we move toward a much more unified and coordinated approach to driving economic growth in our community,” said Ron Laidman, Chair of the Board of Directors at Burlington Economic Development. “Tourism is a significant economic driver, and by merging the two organizations under a single mandate we will be able to create synergies, streamline efforts, and foster innovation that drives sustainable development and enhances the overall Burlington experience for businesses, visitors and residents alike.”  

The development of a Destination Stewardship Plan is already underway and is expected to be completed before the summer. The plan will provide a strategic framework for managing and preserving Burlington’s natural, cultural, and social resources while promoting responsible tourism development. A joint marketing and communications team will carry out the recommendations in the plan, as well as develop a brand strategy for the new organization.  

The motion was brought forward to Council by Kelvin Galbraith, Ward 1 City Councillor and Chair of the Board of Directions at Tourism Burlington. He spoke to what the new organization hopes to achieve through the merger. “By working together, we will unlock new opportunities to better position Burlington as a premier destination for both leisure and business travellers.” He continued, “The decision to merge is a testament to the collective vision of both organizations to support Burlington’s growth, and on behalf of Tourism Burlington I can say we are excited about this positive new direction.”  

The motion was seconded by Ward 5 Councillor Paul Sharman, who sits on the Board of Directors at Burlington Economic Development. Future updates on the merger and the Destination Stewardship Plan will be posted on as they become available.  


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Claire Green 

Manager, Marketing and Attraction  

Burlington Economic Development  

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