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Pepperwood patio in Burlington

Maclean’s has rated Burlington “Canada’s Best Community” and “Best Community in Canada For Families” in 2019. Cities were judged on a number of factors, including wealth and economy, commute, crime, amenities and culture.

Ranked #7 around the world as World’s Best City, Burlington is the safest place to live in Canada.

Our city remains a destination of choice for both businesses and families.

We appreciate you considering us for your business or expansion. Here’s what we can provide for you:

Easy Access for Your Staff, Suppliers and Clients

You’ll find our city remarkably accessible via multiple highways, provincial transit, international and private airports, rail networks, sea ports and land border crossings.

Aerial shot of Techplace Burlington

An Exceptional City Hall Experience

Our friendly and dedicated City Hall team members will guide you through the city’s regulatory processes, while taking a solutions-oriented approach to all business requests.

A Proven Track Record for Development

In 2022, we helped supported over 200 business with starting up, relocating and expanding in Burlington. This included the international expansion of The Cultivated B and establishment of their 130,000 sq ft manufacturing facility.

New Business Incentives: A Spotlight on New Business

You can realize that office or facility you’ve always dreamed of; we’re offering lucrative incentives for redevelopment of brownfield sites in select urban areas, ones with high growth potential.
Did you know Burlington is ranked in the top 10 cities to live in for newcomers?

A Workforce Powerhouse

One of the highest educated workforces in the region, 4.5 million workers within commuting distance, and a country that welcomes immigrants from over 150 countries means you’ll have an exceptionally large, diversified workforce to source talent from.

Aerial shot of Burlington from the escarpment

Sustainable & Safe

You’ll be living, working and playing in one of the safest municipalities in Canada, a city that is home to vibrant neighbourhoods and countless parks, activities and attractions. In addition, more than half of Burlington is greenbelt used for agriculture, natural heritage and recreational purposes. We are also working to be net carbon neutral by 2050.

Experience A Lifestyle Without Compromise

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