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Considering Relocation or Expansion?

Let’s strategize about how you can locate and grow your business in Burlington.

Various families enjoying the Burlington Waterfront

Maximize Your Home Market Potential Here

Our optimal location, pro-business City Council, and wide range of resources will help put your business on the path to profitability.

Here in Burlington, your business can expect key access to:

Markets and Supply Chains

Our city’s multimodal transportation network means more supply chain opportunities and reduced time-to-market. These are particularly important factors when considering Burlington’s key industries.

Aerial shot of the 407 highway in Burlington

Local, Provincial and Federal Business Incentives

We’re offering new business incentives for those looking to develop land here.

There are also provincial and federal programs available that provide businesses with funds needed for research initiatives, hiring and training, immigration support, technology innovation, and more.

Women walking by local tennis store

Access to Skilled Talent

20 post-secondary institutions within a one hour’s drive of Burlington

4.5 million people within commuting distance

76% of residents have post-secondary education or higher

Office, Industrial And Land Development Space

We have industrial spaces and a wide variety of office space (all classes), that are primed for full operations immediately.

For those looking to develop land, total costs for office and industrial developments are competitive relative to our city’s proximity to Toronto. Industrial development costs are particularly attractive when contrasted with nearby communities.

Our real estate site selector tool will display current availability, based on your preferences.

A Comprehensive Data Centre

You can source quick facts about our city, along with key economic, demographic, labour and industry data.

Strategic Partnerships

You will find many potential partnership opportunities here with innovation agencies, educational institutions, government organizations, and climate change and sustainability partners.

A Safe and Dynamic City

Burlington is part of Halton Region, which Statistics Canada has called the safest of all large municipalities in Canada. Living here also means enjoying an unbeatable lifestyle.  See why Maclean’s has rated Burlington “Canada’s Best Community” and “Best Community in Canada For Families”.

Let’s Strategize

Let’s talk one-on-one about how you can locate and grow your business in one of Canada’s most innovative and well placed cities.

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