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New Business Incentives Coming Soon

As part of our city’s Community Improvement Plan (CIP), we will soon be offering business incentives designed to stimulate brownfield redevelopment in our urban areas. The goal of this redevelopment is to improve and restore Burlington’s natural environment while generating employment intensification and growth.

What are Brownfield CIP’s?

“Brownfields” are former industrial or commercial sites whose operations may have contaminated the soil or groundwater, but now have the potential to be turned into economically viable and profitable assets once again.

Brownfield sites typically have an already existing infrastructure in place, such as roads, water and sewage systems. Multiple benefits result from their redevelopment, including improvements in environmental quality, human health, economic growth and sustainability.

The CIP will include grants, loans and tax incentives. They are not yet finalized but work on a pilot CIP is currently underway and is expected to be in place early 2024.

Lower Taxes and Development Costs

See how our city has worked to earn your business, with competitive tax rates and development charges as low as $0.

Provincial and Federal Programs

Take advantage of incentive programs offered by both the Province of Ontario and the Government of Canada.

CIP Key Updates

Burlington is in the process of implementing a pilot Brownfield Focus Community Improvement Plan (CIP). The Brownfield Focus CIP will enable the City to offer financial incentive programs to promote brownfield development and redevelopment for employment uses in the urban area. Council endorsed the Brownfield Focus CIP as a policy document in March 2021 and the adoption of by-laws in April 2021. Additional details, including the CIP report and adoption by-laws, can be found here. Burlington Economic Development will be making a budget request in Fall 2023 to implement the pilot Brownfield Focus CIP in early 2024.

The pilot brownfield CIP is intended to pave the way for the consideration of a comprehensive CIP. If we receive Council endorsement, stakeholder engagement on the comprehensive CIP will start in Q2 2024. If you are interested in being added to the notification list for updates on the CIP, please email us at

We will continue to update this page as new information becomes available.

Last Updated: November 29, 2022


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