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Aerial shot of Techplace Burlington


BurlingtonSites is an interactive site selection tool that provides you with real estate options for the buying or leasing of property or land. The site’s search filters allow you to enter criteria based on property type and size, assets and more.

More Than Just A Map

Each resulting property report provides value-added data that you can compare against your company’s location strategy, and other real estate prospects, to ensure a location’s economic viability. This includes key investment attraction decision factors such as demographics, labour force, consumer expenditures and industry clusters within each targeted area.

How to Navigate BurlingtonSites

  1. Type in “Burlington” into the location filter, and then click the relevant boxes in the adjacent drop down menus. For more detailed filtering, select “All Filters” instead.
  2. The results page will display automatically. Click on “View Details” for any property you wish to explore.
  3. At the top of each property’s summary, you will notice data tabs relevant to its location (for example: “Demographics”).
  4. To the right of the summary you will notice an interactive map, with map tool options laid out at the bottom of the screen.
  5. A report can be generated for a property by selecting “PDF”, “PRINT” or “SHARE”.

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