Meet Your Support Network

Our team members are ready to guide you through the process of locating and starting your business here in Burlington. You can call us directly at 1.905.332.9415.


Anita Cassidy

Executive Director

905.332.9415 ext: 7258

Andrew Elliston

Manager, Business Development

905.332.9415 ext: 7248

Izabela Goclik

Manager of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

289.337.5505 ext: 106

Claire Green

Manager, Marketing & Attraction

905.332.9415 ext: 7252

Mark Steffler

Manager, Burlington Lands Partnership

Economic Development Officers

Zaryab Ahmad

Economic Development Officer

905.332.9415 ext: 7254

Barkat Mahal

Economic Development Officer,
Marketing and Communications

905.332.9415 ext: 7250

Hannah Fritchley

Events & Entrepreneurship Coordinator,


Small Business Programs

Ana Nobrega

Digital Service Squad Team Member

647.556.6530 ext: 7254

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