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General News

January 26, 2016

Changes at VMware

We were very disappointed to hear the announcement from VMware yesterday. Whenever people lose their job it is a difficult time. When these are corporate decisions made thousands of miles away it is even more difficult.

VMware has seen some challenges. It is also part of the recent Dell acquisition of EMC.

Last year, we worked up an analysis for VMware to expand in Burlington. A series of cost and talent related considerations were included. Burlington showed very favourably against other VMware locations under consideration. It is our understanding that the jobs went to Bangalore, India instead.

This is a reminder that we compete in a global market. We continue to see local companies being acquired by large corporations and Private Equity funds. Good for the owners, not always the same for everyone else.

Fortunately, Burlington has a much diversified economy. While these job losses are significant, we do have other technology firms expanding rapidly to replace these jobs.

If you are looking for talent, VMware had some great system engineers and other technology specialists. Maybe this is an opportunity for your business. Let us know if you are looking for talented people.

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