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IT Communication

October 9, 2020

ServicePath sets up International Headquarters in Burlington’s Innovation Centre, TechPlace

servicePath began operations here in 2017, setting up its new headquarters in TechPlace, our city’s innovation centre.  servicePath helps organizations automate their sales processes and reduce their quote and approval times for complex services through unique SAAS (Software As A Service) solutions. Their operations extend to four continents.  

servicePath chose Burlington because of the access we provide to top educational institutions and skilled talent, our booming tech sector, and our centralized North American location that allows for easy access to markets.  They chose TechPlace for its resources, mentorship and networking opportunities.  

Today, the team at servicePath is thrilled with how things have turned out. The company has grown significantly, and team members love the fact that commute times are short and there’s so many things to do in their space time, from enjoying top-rated restaurants to hiking the Bruce Trail.  They are looking forward to writing the next chapter in their company’s story, here in Burlington. 

“Burlington is a great environment to operate in. Its centralized North American location allows us to service both US and Canadian customers.”


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