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Food & Beverage

October 9, 2020

International Produce Company Moves Plant To Burlington So It’s Closer to Home

The Ippolito Group, a full-service produce company, moved from Hamilton to our city in 1996.  A family-run company, many of the Ippolito family and key staff had previously been drawn to Burlington’s idyllic setting on Lake Ontario, and were already living here.  It only made sense for the company to headquarter itself here too.  

Ippolito Group runs its packaging facility 364 days a year, on a three-shift basis.  Although they package a variety of vegetable types, their principal product is spinach, with a packing capacity of 650 cases per hour.  The company also uses the latest in food technology, including liquid icing and vacuum cooling technology.  

The family feels that even though our city has grown over the years, we have maintained a sense of small town charm.  They’ve cited that for business, we’re close to Toronto and multiple Canada/U.S. land border crossings, while for pleasure there is the region’s natural beauty and unique attractions to enjoy. 

“Burlington is a good sized city but has been able to maintain the charm and feel of a small town”

Ippolito Group

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