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AAG machine

Advanced Manufacturing

November 3, 2020

Burlington Ideal Spot for AAG

AAG has been operating out of Burlington since 1994.  It is the largest Canadian owned producer of computer numerical control (CNC) machines and tools. AAG designs, manufactures, sells and services CNC machines under various brands including , AXYZ Tailored Router Solutions™ and WARDJet Tailored Waterjet Solutions™.  It sells parts and accessories for both routers and waterjets under the ecommerce site,

Burlington proved to be the ideal location for business partners and founders Alf Zeuner and Gary Harvey who were looking for a location half-way between Mississauga and Dundas at an affordable price.  In 1994, they bought two industrial units at 5100 South Service Road.  Moving the business to Burlington was just the start.  They ended up liking Burlington so much that they both moved their families there within a couple of years.  

AXYZ grew quickly and within a couple of years, they bought three more units.   By 1999, they outgrew all of them.  Then with some help from the City of Burlington and Burlington Economic Development, they bought the current location at 5330 South Service Road.  This expanded location allowed them to keep their manufacturing in Burlington.

AXYZ’s location is in close proximity to a wide range of local amenities including coffee shops, restaurants and fitness facilities- all within walking distance or a short drive away.  AXYZ’s employees enjoy the short commute, affordable housing and access to parks, the waterfront and the beautiful natural setting.

“Burlington gives their staff the sense of community, under municipal leadership that demonstrates they really care ”


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