Quote by Shirley Cope

October 20, 2022

Downtown Burlington Business Uses Digital Transformation Grant to Increase Sales

The Knitters Boutique Inc. is Burlington’s local yarn shop, located in the Downtown waterfront neighbourhood. It provides natural and high-quality yarns, tools, and accessories to local knitters, stitchers, and crocheters. When faced with the growing challenge of reaching customers through online channels while still recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, Shirley Cope, the owner of The Knitters Boutique, applied for Digital Main Street’s $2,500 Digital Transformation Grant.  

The grant offers support for various digital marketing initiatives. Since Shirley’s recent grant application approval, she has been able to hire assistance for social media support and rebuilding the shop’s website. The increased online presence was impactful quickly, as “almost instantly sales came from Instagram posts”. It has also reduced some of her stress, providing Shirley with the time needed to build on her business plan and focus on sales. 

For other small business owners, Shirley’s advice is do your market research, know your target audience, and reach out to them. She also reminds other owners that more than ever now, an online presence is imperative. 

To learn more about the Digital Transformation Grant, or to receive support on digital marketing strategies through Burlington’s Digital Service Squad, visit Burlington Economic Development’s Small Business Resources page here

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