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April 8, 2016

BEDC Presents Export Development Award to Adlib

April 8, 2016

Last night, more than 500 members of the Burlington business community attended The Burlington Chamber of Commerce’s annual Business Awards Gala.

BEDC Executive Director Frank McKeown (left) and Adlib CEO Peter Duff

BEDC was thrilled to be a part of the evening with the presentation of our Export Development Award. This award recognizes outstanding performance in the following areas:

Value-added – Is the company producing higher valued-added products and services?

Innovation – Does the company encourage innovation? Does the company invest in research and development?

Community Involvement – Has the company created good exposure for Burlington as a place to conduct business? Is the company growing and will it continue to invest in its Burlington facility? Is the company involved or prepared to be involved in the Burlington community?

Training and staff development – Does the company invest in the development of its staff?

Exports – Are the products and services of the company being exported out of Canada? Does the company have global product mandates?

This year, we were pleased to recognize Adlib, an industry leading software solutions company. Founded in 1998, Adlib employs more than 140 people and develops all of their software right here in Burlington. More than 5,500 organizations in the Energy, Life Sciences, Insurance and Banking sectors, among others, around the world leverage Adlib technology. With their technology solutions, Adlib helps organizations enhance content-centric processes by unlocking the value in unstructured content. Learn more about Adlib here.

For more information on last night’s Business Awards Gala, click here.

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